Content Development Editor, Global Visible Learning

The Content Manager, Global Visible Learning, will lead the global team's efforts to update, revise, and create new content for Visible Learning that maximizes our opportunities to disseminate and apply the research-based professional learning model for change across a variety of modalities and learning designs. The Content Manager will become a subject-matter expert in Visible Learning and oversee all timely development, which will involve creating and project-managing a roadmap that identifies, details, and prioritizes the most significant opportunities to expand and enhance the utility and application of this body of work. Specific tasks will include researching, sourcing, writing, creating, updating editing, or project managing content development in the form of seminars, online courses, books, videos, blogs or other social media content, and other resources available on the Visible Learning website or other domains. Given the broad content remit, the Content Manager will be responsible for working closely with the Senior Director, Global Visible Learning, our international teams in Australia and Canada, and our core functional groups, including Corwin Publishing, Corwin Professional Learning, Corwin Marketing, and Corwin eLearning.
Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities
  • Develop, with the Senior Director, Global Visible Learning, a content roadmap that aligns with the needs of our global Visible Learning partners and clients.
  • In conjunction with the Senior Director, Global Visible Learning, and content development teams, plan and execute broad-scale goals and strategies to meet needs outlined in the roadmap.
  • Oversee the content presented on websites, blogs, professional learning seminars, resource guides, in videos to ensure content is accurate and current.
  • Work closely with marketing, editorial and sales to support their strategies and goals focused on Visible Learning.
  • Consistently and frequently solicit market, client, and consultant feedback and conduct market development activities through focus groups, interviews, peer reviewing, surveys, webinars, product demonstrations in developing materials and tools in support of new products and services.
  • Oversee content creation development for Visible Learning professional learning sessions, books, courses, and digital resources, PowerPoints, various types of video, interactive and social media, online activities and simulations, web resources, journal articles, and blogs in accordance with our roadmap priorities.
  • Develop and manage plans, schedules timelines and budgets that correspond with editorial, marketing, sales, and production schedules, and the needs of our markets.
  • Work closely with our editorial team to manage transmittals, manuscript/content and beta testing review, permissions, and design memos. During production, ensure efficient workflow and quality control by attention to page proofs, art/design, user testing, and functionality.
  • Identify new content opportunities, and explore ways to repurpose existing content, and respond to website feedback.
  • Provide training, mentorship, and general support within the organization for new Visible Learning products and services.
  • Work closely with Senior Director, Global Visible Learning and our Corwin legal team to monitor and ensure the fair use agreements of the Visible learning content
  • Develop and maintain project logs, reports, guidelines, standards, and training materials.

Qualifications & Education
  • Bachelor's degree from accredited university
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in project management and planning
  • Minimum of 6 years of experience in K-12 education and delivery of professional learning to educators
  • Demonstrated skill in writing, editing, and content development
  • Effective listening, verbal and written communication skills
  • Creative minded with an ability to conceive interesting ideas for new content
  • Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing projects and initiatives
  • Demonstrated excellence in working with others and maintaining a positive working atmosphere for fellow employees.
  • Ability to set and follow through on priorities
  • Ability to present key content messages fluidly to large and small audiences
  • Ability to effectively interface with and influence internal and external stakeholder
  • Broad knowledge of, and experience with, computer programs such as Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Adobe
  • Ability to plan and manage multiple projects and effectively multi-task
  • Ability to effectively manage time to meet deadlines and work professionally under pressure
  • Ability to foresee trends, situations, or problems
  • Ability to read, comprehend, analyze and interpret concepts, documents, etc.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and work with diplomacy
  • Ability to reason and problem solve
  • Ability to effectively make presentations to internal/external groups
  • Effective decision making
  • Excels at operating in a fast pace, community environment

Company Description:

SAGE Publications is an independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media. Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, we are a world leader in our chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets.

Our highest priority is to make any contact you have with SAGE—whether as a book author, a journal editor, a contributor to one of our journals, a customer, or a reader—a pleasant and rewarding experience.

SAGE's publishing philosophy is based on three principles:

Relationships — We depend upon the experience and expertise of the authors, editors, learned societies, colleagues, and vendors with whom we work.

Vision — We focus on anticipating and delivering what our customers want.

Excellence — We are committed to quality in all that we publish and in all that we do.

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