Lead Infrastructure Engineer - Platform

MultiThreaded Engineering, UX and Design at Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix is an online personal styling startup in San Francisco, combining art and science to disrupt and redefine the retail industry. Our engineering teams build the tools that run our business, from our customer-facing website and mobile app to unique and innovative tools that power our warehouse, merchandising, and styling teams. We leverage vast amounts of client data to make decisions throughout the company. All of this results in a simple, powerful offering to our customers and a successful, growing business. We believe we are only scratching the surface of our opportunity, and we're looking for incredible people to contribute!
About the Team
Stitch Fix has an extensive internal suite of software for managing our business, from inventory management to warehouse logistics to our own Personal Styling system, each serving thousands of internal users who run the business every day. Our public-facing infrastructure is growing as well, helping millions of our customers be their best selves. It's all tied together with an array of user-facing applications and back-end services.
We're in the early stages of re-architecting all aspects our development and deployment platform. Currently we are in the process of migrating our Rails apps from Heroku to AWS utilizing RDS, ECS, CloudFront, ElasticCache, and other AWS services. We aren't afraid of change if that helps us deliver faster, better, and more reliable solutions to our business partners and customers.
This is where you come in. Stitch Fix needs an engineer with an infrastructure background, but who's comfortable with developing tools and takes a holistic view of an engineering team's development & deployment platform. You believe in "DevOps" and bring expertise and experience to the table. We have a lot of applications, services, and infrastructure, and we need someone who can be dedicated to make sure it's meeting the needs of the development team.
About the Role
You'd be walking into a welcoming and diverse environment that is built around partnership, integrity, feedback, responsibility, and innovation. We have over 60 Rails apps and services hosted between Heroku and AWS and deployed/maintained by the developers that own each application. Our mature engineering team is a true partner to those that run Stitch Fix by providing efficiency & effectiveness with the tools we develop.
You're excited about this opportunity because you will...
Make application development and deployment easier for the engineering team
Help us solve thorny problems around performance and fault-tolerance
Build tools and systems to manage security
Make sure we're up-to-date on the best practices of our service providers
Utilizing current best practices for metrics, logging, distributed tracing, security, and application life cycle
Investigate new tools & technologies our team can use to solve problems for the business
We're excited about you because you have experience with...
UNIX and the command line
Tuning and scaling Ruby and Rails Apps in Production
Supporting PostgreSQL in production environments
Distributed logging and graphing
You also...
Can work with developers to understand their technical AND business goals.
Are willing to help developers understand the operational implications of their design decisions. View documentation as part of a working system.
Won't stop until the problem is solved.
Keep a level head when diagnosing production problems.
Aren't afraid to become an expert in something brand new to you.
Can evaluate risks involved in technical implementations.
Why you will love working at Stitch Fix
Are a successful, fast-growing company with at start-up work vibe.
Are a technologically and data-driven business.
Offer competitive salaries, equity and comprehensive health benefits.
Are at the forefront of tech and fashion, redefining shopping for the next generation.
Are passionate about our clients and live/breathe the client experience.
Get to be creative on a daily basis.
Are a smart and experienced leadership team that wants to do it right & is open to new ideas.
Believe in autonomy & taking initiative.
Full support for remote work?you get to visit our SF office every couple months to connect with your peers and partners.

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